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Fri, 22 Mar 91 23:11:50 -0500

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+---------- "Re: X-Face" ----------
| } I have no face (does that make me one of the faceless masses?). I just
| } use the bitmap collection from to show peoples
| } organisations. As far as I am concerned, I'd like to see more bitmaps
| } in that collection.

| I sent Steve Kinzler ~350Kbytes of compressed face images a little while
| ago by anon ftp to his Indiana site. They don't appear to be there anymore.

Rich, you can upload your database of face images to
in pub/faces/incoming and other folks can ftp or mailserv it from there.
You can upload the software and patches, too, if you'd like.

| Steve, would it be possible to add your bitmap images, and that large
| collection together, and make that available via anon ftp?

Maybe we should keep these separate since some people may want only one
or the other. They can be joined together fairly easily if desired --
or both used via $FACEPATH.

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