Sample faces database for faces, the visual mail monitor.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Fri, 22 Mar 1991 11:04:42 +1000

Hi, I've just down loaded faces.tar.Z and facedir.tar.Z, two compressed tar
files, into the "incoming" directory on Could you please
move this where ever you want, making it available via anon ftp and your
mail server, and announce it in comp.sys.sun?

Many thanks.


faces.tar.Z is the faces program. This is v1.4, at patchlevel #13.

Faces is a program for monitoring a list visually. Typically this is a list
of incoming mail messages, jobs in the print queue or users on a system.
Faces has the ability to read compressed faces images embedded in your
mail headers, uncompressing them and displaying them on-the-fly. There are
graphical interfaces for X11, XView, SunView and NeWS.

facedir.tar.Z is a sample faces database for the faces program.

A mailing list has just been started for faces; if anybody would like to
join, then please send me a note.

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